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What Beauty Means to Me Essay Example

What Beauty Means to Me Essay Example What Beauty Means to Me Essay What Beauty Means to Me Essay People today base too much emphasis on looks. If someone doesn’t fit the criteria for what we believe should be the â€Å"perfect† man or woman then they are not fully accepted. Appearances can very easily help someone get a job, out of a ticket, special treatment at restaurants, and many more things. A lot of people have mistaken beauty for what is accepted by the â€Å"celebrity† world. For many women what society sees as acceptable and pleasing influences their everyday lives. So many women result to changing how they look through surgery and other procedures. If our society as a whole could change how they view woman and what is socially acceptable I think many woman would be healthier, happier, and overall better. Our media for the most part has an extreme affect on how women look at themselves. In magazines, television, and books there is always the images or words referring to the â€Å"perfect† woman. The â€Å"perfect† woman in today’s society is thin and has no flaws; she probably has a plastic, Barbie doll face, and the perfect measurements. It seems that if you don’t fit these criteria you aren’t as easily accepted as someone who does. When it comes to a new job, a woman may be rejected because of a â€Å"better† looking woman who may not even have the qualifications as the other woman. Personally, I have seen this first-hand. My current workplace is searching for a new manager. They refuse to hire a single man or even one who is very good-looking because they are afraid that they will mix business with pleasure. In the past they have had a couple different managers who have dated or had sexual contact with their employees. Once incident even included breaking up a marriage that brought some unnecessary negativity in the restaurant. So to avoid all of this they opted to hire a married man who has is not quite as attractive and seems to be very loyal to his wife, being married for twelve years. So many women today are changing how they look to more socially accepted. Bigger breasts, smaller noses, flatter stomachs, and many other things. Paglia states in her essay, â€Å"Good surgery discovers and reveals personality; ad surgery obscures or distorts it. † This has been proven to be very true. There are a few celebrities out there with good plastic surgery, for example, Ashlee Simpson. Simpson had a nose job which turned out to define her face better making her appear happier with herself. Then there is bad surgery, like Tara Reid, who had a bad breast augmentation leaving horrible scars and also having lumpy liposuction. For a woman, like Reid, in their early thirties, there is no reason to surgic ally change one’s self so much. She did however make herself look worse trying to conform to society’s preference. There is such a thing as good plastic surgery, but only to enhance what is already yours and brings out your personality, not make you someone completely different. If we, society as a whole, could grasp the concept that beauty is different for all women; it comes in every shape, form, and color. If more celebrities could make peace with themselves then maybe normal everyday women could learn to also respect who they are and love themselves for what they have been given. Not every woman can be a size four, large breasts, tall, tan, perfect face or whatever the case may be. Each woman should look at themselves and know they are beautiful, not what is beautiful to some individuals. It’s so unhealthy to do such drastic things to their bodies, like repeatedly plastic surgery, yo-yo dieting, and trying â€Å"new† things doctors come up. I think if the media could help us change then more woman could be happy with who they naturally are.

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Request for Proposal (Burger King) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Request for Proposal (Burger King) - Essay Example tional investments proposed by Burger King are aimed at ensuring that the firm expands its service and offered services to the local and international client bases. Determining the levels of investments is essential, in meeting the firms’ capability. In focusing on these factors, Burger King is able to meet the market demands and requirements. Analyzing the market will be essential in ensuring the firm produces quality service to the potential market. In focusing on the space management, the firm has the capability of ensuring quality management of the space allocation. The new restaurant would focus on maximizing profit and working towards ensuring the firm attained its goals and meet the financial obligation set by BCAD. The site location is suitable in attracting enough customers per given time. The effective nature of the firm would play part in ensuring the firm provides competitive services that would attract clients and increase BCAD revenue collection. The potential market is essential in determining the models to be deployed by Burger King to ensure mutual benefits for the firm and BCAD. The focus will be to venture into the restaurant services and focus on quality delivery and provide a competitive edge over potential rival firms. The market is wide and the manner in which a firm positions it among the elite will determine the levels of success. The firm has the ability to use its vast experience in the service industry to ensure maximum benefits for BCAD and the firm’s internal obligation. The firm has the capacity to handle a large number of clients and still maintain the quality service required of the firm. The experience the firm has in the field gives it an advantage age over other firms. Experience plays part in determining what services to be offered at a given time period. Maximizing return will be determined by the levels of models used b y the firm. The firm has the duty to oversee the location and ensure it works at full capacity and

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Organization change and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organization change and Development - Essay Example ity a solid know as to how things would shape up within the coming times and how success would be achieved with significant changes every now and so often. Organizational development could either be built upon the premise of change on a short term basis or one from the long term standpoint. It gives the stakeholders a close cut feel of the things that might happen over a period of time and which shall take place for the success regimes of the organization essentially. An organization is a subset of the thinking bases of the people who work for it and work within its domains. This organization does not get manifested in any other way apart from the required tasks of the top management and the people who are at the helm of affairs within the related settings. It is important that these people realize what is their responsibility towards the people who work within the organization and who do their best to achieve the goals with limited resources at their disposal (Church 2002). Moreover, organizational significance is manifested time and again by the efforts and endeavors of the people who make things happen within the organization itself. This is a true representation of how things eventually happen for the goodness and sanity that prevails within any organization at the end of the day. Organizational development seems to be a missing link when people are inclined more towards their personal goals and manifestations and hence this is one scenario t hat seems to play a very negative role within the discussion basis for this paper. Change has to come from within in order to be remarked as a positive subset of organizational harmony and accord. Similarly, development is an important consideration – one that is given more and more importance by the top management regimes within any organizational discourse (Sugrue 1999). Organizational studies have long and hard brought the notion of development and change to the fore because this has touched upon deep and incisive

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The certain events Essay Example for Free

The certain events Essay In ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ tension is created by seeing how the characters behave to the certain events. For instance, when a man came from Maw and Meggins, Herbert’s place of work, to tell the family of Herbert’s accident, we see that Mrs. White was distraught by this accident, â€Å"She caught her breath, and turning to her slower-witted husband, laid her trembling old hand upon his, and the fact that Herbert was ‘caught in the machinery’ means that his body must have been desecrated which creates the most horrific images. This creates tension and enables the reader to empathise how they must be feeling. Another way in which tension is evoked is by characters being mysterious and withholding information. When the sergeant is asked indirectly whether he has had his three wishes he said quietly, â€Å"I have† and his blotchy face whitened. He is being very secretive as to the wishes he wished but we can guess that there is something wrong about them for he turns white when he talks vaguely of them.  In ‘The Monkey’s Paw the reader is constantly trying to determine whether this paw is powerful or just a part of Mr. White’s ‘fancy’, or whether it will result in good or bad. These attitudes change constantly throughout the story, and all this does is confuse and mislead the reader. The family and the sergeant’s emotions constantly seem to be opposites. When they are discussing the ‘monkey’s paw’, the family are eager to find out about the paw, whereas the sergeant is being very secretive, â€Å"His three listeners leaned forward eagerly. The visitor absent-mindedly put his empty glass to his lips.†Ã‚  Then later Herbert White cleverly said, â€Å"Well, why don’t you have three, sir?† â€Å"I have†, he said quietly. These two adjectives seem to be opposites, ‘cleverly’ and ‘quietly’. As I have already said, the family constantly change their views on whether the monkey’s paw will work, or whether the sergeant is lying. While the sergeant is talking about the paw, they seem to be taken in by the paw and even take it out of the fire when the sergeant threw it in there. When he told Mr. White to put it back into the fire, Herbert said with pretended horror, â€Å"Likely†. But when they had made the first wish for two hundred pounds, because they did not see the money, they thought â€Å"it must have been [their father’s] fancy† and joked about finding â€Å"the cash tied up in a big bag in the middle of you bed†. But when they found out that the first wish had been granted and the disastrous circumstances that was brought with it, they still wanted to use it again to wish Herbert back to life. And at the end of the story, when the disfigured body of Herbert is knocking on their front, although we are not told what Mr. White whished, we can guess that it was for Herbert to return to the dead. This links it to the first man’s wishes. The sergeant said that the first man’s last wish was for death, and this might be, like in this case, for another person. At the beginning of the story, the family believed that the ‘monkey’s paw’ would result in good. They even joke about how two hundred pound might be dangerous and said, â€Å"[It] might drop on his head from the sky†. However, after the death of Herbert, they realise that this paw was magical and sinister.  Because ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ is a different kind of story to ‘The Speckled Band’, the reader is mislead in completely different ways. In ‘The Speckled Band’, it misleads the reader by hiding the truth beneath layers of uncertainty and withholding certain information, such as the fact that Dr. Roylott had a snake. In Julia’s dieing words, she screamed out, â€Å"It was the band! The Speckled Band!†. This is a cryptic clue, hinting to the poisonous spotted snake which bit her. The author, Arthur Doyle, deliberately chose these words so to make a mystery, for, if she had said, â€Å"It was the snake† then there would have been no mystery at all.. This was a conscious decision made by the author to deliberately mislead the reader. This seemingly strange clue, only seems to be hinting towards the gypsies with spotted scarves, whom Dr. Roylott allowed to stay in the garden. They play no role in the mystery, hence giving depth to the plot.  Also we are told of the animals he has, a baboon and a cheetah. These seemingly pay no role in the mystery, until Sherlock Holmes later finds a saucer of milk in the Doctors bedroom and then finds out that he also has an extremely poisonous Indian snake. I think that although it gives us background information, Helen Stoner’s first speech which ultimately gives us more information than we need, could be put there to mislead the reader, because we are trying to take in all this information and make our own predictions as to what we think happened. Therefore this would just confuse the reader.  In this speech, we are told that Helen’s sister, Julia, could smell Dr. Roylott’s cigars, because of a small ventilator connecting the two rooms.. However, in the coroner’s report, he mentioned nothing about the ventilator which just misleads the reader. Also, he did not see the two puncture marks made by the snake which would have made the mystery a lot less confusing. Although ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ is a story full of mystery and suspense due to the immense tension created, my favourite out of the two is undoubtedly ‘The Speckled Band’ due to its sensational plot, a successful combination of elaborate characters and the intriguing circumstances which we are presented at the beginning of the story. One of the most iconic things about a ‘murder mystery’ is its unique ability to keep the reader guessing until the end of the story until the truth is revealed to us by Sherlock Holmes, which is why, in part, ‘The Speckled Band’ is so effective.

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Black Students and the Educational Practice of Tracking :: Free Essays Online

Black Students and the Educational Practice of Tracking I remember my mom asking me one day why I didn’t have any black friends. Even though she is white, she was concerned that I hang out with kids of different backgrounds, especially because I am half black. I had never really thought about it before. I told her it was because there weren't really any black kids in any of my classes at school. I had been in mostly honors classes since the seventh grade and there were only about five to ten other black kids who seemed to circulate the â€Å"honors track† with me. I had always felt slightly out of place in my mostly white honors classes. I didn’t really become friends with many black people until my junior year of high school when I was invited to join an all black, all female, leadership group at my school called S.I.S. (Success In School). By the second semester of my junior year most of my friends were black. Me and nearly twenty other successful black and minority students became a close-knit â€Å"crewâ⠂¬  and an extended family. We served as a support system for each other and I would not have made it though the second half of high school without them. At the end of my senior year there was a big awards night. There was a special ceremony for seniors honoring academic achievement throughout the year. One of the last groups of awards presented were for the Presidential Excellence Award, National Merit Finalists, and students who were in the top ten percent of the class. The names were called, and mine was among them. I took my place on the stage among my fellow classmates. The lights were very bright and I looked out into the audience to find my parents. They were waving and smiling. I looked out into the audience for my friends. It is then that I realized that my friends were still in the audience. As I looked around the stage I noticed that I was one of only two black students on the stage. The other student, BJ Jacobs, stood farther down to my right. Though we were friends, I had always kind of resented BJ in a congenial way. However, our past rivalry didn’t seem to matter now.

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Similarities and Differences of Iphones and Android Phones”

Similarities and Differences of Iphones and Android Phones† â€Å"Similarities and Differences of iPhones and Android phones† The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Incorporation. The iPhone runs Apple's OS mobile operating system. This device's has a multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard and a Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Why buy iPhone? iPhones are very famous and expensive but it gives what the user wants like Entertainment, Communication and Internet connectivity.In Communication the iPhone allows audio conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID, and integration with other cellular network features and iPhone functions. For example, if music is playing when a call is received, the music fades out, and fades back in when the call has ended. In Entertainment the iPhone can sort its media library by songs, artists, albums, videos, playlists, genres, composers, podcasts, audio books, and a compilation which helps the us er manage his or her songs.In Internet connectivity the Internet access is available when the iPhone is connected to a local area Wi-Fi or a wide area network which allow the user to browse the internet. For me the iPhone nowadays are very expensive and unaffordable especially the latest versions of the phone. The only problem with iPhone is that it only runs application made by Apple Inc. , but it is reliable for the user because of its features and performance in different ways and it also goes with the flow of modern time. Android Phones† An Android Phone is a smart phone built with an Android mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. This phone also has the same features with an iPhone but not all because an Android phone only runs application compatible to its OS. Why buy an Android Phone? An Android Phone also has a qualified performance that can match an iPhone and it is more affordable than an iPhone. Some e xamples of companies that provide android OS to†¦

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You Are What You Wear - 1165 Words

You Are What You Wear Whoever said â€Å"clothes make a man† had the right idea about people perceive each other on the first look. Whether you like it or not, a big part of the first impression that we make when you meet someone depends on how you look – which is basically how you’re dressed. Looking good is an obsession with people these days. We love to keep up on the latest trends and make sure we’re sporting the latest fashion. Just take a look around you. Bangalis seem to be really catching up with the rest of the globe when it comes to fashion trends these days. The fashion industry is rapidly carving itself a sizable niche here. Compared to even a few years back, boutiques and fashion houses are popping up everywhere. There’s more†¦show more content†¦How appropriate they are for a day at the university, or at work even is a question I want to ask but really can’t. The most ridiculous of all modified desi fashion trends, in my opinion, is however the â€Å"short† trend. There are some that take the ankle length shalwar trend so seriously that they gave birth to a new phenomenon. Lo and behold, it is the â€Å"three quarter† shalwar which ends an inch or two inch above your ankle. It looks nice in summer when short fashio ns are in. Personally I think it’s a great way to incorporate the cropped look into desi clothes. On the downside though when you’re all wrapped up in warm shawls in winter, cropped shalwars really don’t make a very good fashion statement. Incidentally, if you really want to wear a short kameez, make sure it’s a kameez and not a kurta or a fatua you’re sporting over a shalwar. Put on an actual fatua with a traditional shalwar and try on the look. It kind of looks odd. Then there are the western trends that we try to emulate and sometimes end up looking rather odd. Come winter, everyone brings out the jackets and jeans. It’s the one season in the whole year when you can sport western fashions without being called â€Å"inappropriately dressed†. Then again, if you decide on a jacket with a fur lined hood for a day out in the Bangali winter, I would like to ask why. I mean, when it’s still sunny all day in the middle of November do you really need a fur lined hoodedShow MoreRelatedYou Are What You Wear444 Words   |  2 PagesIntroduction â€Å"This is what I find remarkable about Americans – they believe that if you buy the right clothes you will be accepted by the right people, regardless of where you come from. It’s quite touching, really. I don’t know if I believe that. But I suppose it’s a good thing because it keeps the fashion business going.†- Suzy Menkes, leading fashion commentator, in the New Yorker, 2003 Every person desire of looking good and be apart in the socio-economic circle. Fashion are not justRead MoreWhat Does You Wear?1197 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Hey! What are you wearing today?† This simple question carries more weight than most people might think. Just by looking around, the difference between those who dress well and those who do not can be very distinguishable. Why is there such a marked difference? Seeing people every day, it is apparent that not everyone thinks that dressing well is important. Some do not care about what others think about their particular clothing style, and they say that what you wear is irrelevant. Reasons contributingRead MoreFashion: Following the Coolest Trends Essay780 Words   |  4 Pages Did you know that fashion is known to be a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, and accessories? Fashion is a trend, that keeps changing. It makes lifestyle interesting, and some people just think differently. People set the trends especially, companies and actors in the movies. Fashion is based on time, it changes as well. In opinion fashion is something I follow, I am known to be a fashionista! First of all, fashion mainly means the type of clothes you wear. Fashion is clothesRead MoreNO UNICORNS PLZ...I mean Uniforms XD Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you have to go700 Words   |  3 PagesNO UNICORNS PLZ...I mean Uniforms XD Imagine that you wake up in the morning and you have to go to school. You put on the same clothes that you were wearing yesterday and walk to school. You open the door and you see a million people, all wearing the same exact outfit as you. It feels just like yesterday and the day before that. That is what everyday would be like if our school had uniforms. I know that many kids in public schools are against having uniforms in school. I also agree because I thinkRead MoreThe Importance Of School Uniforms955 Words   |  4 PagesFollowing a school dress code can cause an uncomfortable feeling , can be difficult for families and can decrease individual confidence. Would you like to wear a uniform that your school picked out for you every day and never get to be yourself? Uniforms in education should not be required in the United States unless they want to wear them. Barbara Cruz it might be a solution to help reduce bullying in and out of school (18). Uniforms don’t help students perform better in the classroom, and theyRead MoreHow Dress Code Takes Meaning And Life Out Of Clothes1246 Words   |  5 PagesJacobs. So as you listen to the this speech think about what that means and how dress code takes meaning and life out of clothes. Fashion is a personal art you can tell what people like to do, eat, watch, and play when you look at their clothing. If you were wearing a Marshall sweatshirt and I didn t know you I would immediately know that you most likely go to marshall, root for marshall, and play a sport for marshall I knew all of that by an item of clothing so when you tell us what to wear your tellingRead MoreShould Students Wear Uniforms?737 Words   |  3 PagesStudents Have to Wear Uniforms We are living in the 21st century which technology and fashion are designed for the young people, especially students. They want to use and wear something new, modern and style. Most of the students need to wear whatever they want to school to show other people. The school should have a policy for students to wear a uniform. School is an education center; it is not a fashion show place. All students should wear uniform at school. When students wear uniform the schoolRead MorePersonality Influences On Fashion1076 Words   |  5 Pagesmean that one has to wear what is common to all but it relates to a person’s own thinking and perception. Moreover, there is a story behind what people wear. It is not as simple as we can conclude from the first look. Clothing and personality go hand in hand in deciding how one wishes to express their confidence by what they wear in a public or private view. Factors such as social media, one’s environment, money, and how you think about yo urself influence the clothes one wears. While I was in highRead MoreJudged by Clothing1281 Words   |  6 Pages Jeannie Welch English 101 Judged by Clothing A person is always judged by the clothing they wear. Have you ever felt as if you were underdressed or overdressed? If you have experienced this feeling, it gives you a sense of that you don’t belong. The way we dress is a big part of how society views or judges us. In a room full of people if you were to see everyone in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and there was one person that had on a fancy dress and nice shoes that person would automaticallyRead MorePersuasive Essay On Uniforms752 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween the student body and administrators. As a student who does have to wear uniforms, I’m well too familiar with the topic. Many of my peers complain about it very often when they don’t see all the positive things that come with it. Personally, I prefer uniforms because they come with a much easier lifestyle and not what I would have if I could wear my own clothes. I think all students should learn to appreciate what uniforms do for them. That may seem odd since that’s not typical for a student